Weiss products are designed to be exciting and stylish, but functional and well suited to the requirements of modern homes. We have developed a tightly focussed range of ventilation products - from bathroom extraction, to heat transfer and heating, and whole home ventilation.

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It's time to retire our bold and colourful product range - view below for media relating to our re-released product range

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The Weiss Vision

The Weiss range of Energy Efficient Products aims to deliver solutions and savings to you and the environment through minimizing your carbon footprint. Weiss range of Products is recognized as one of the leading and fastest growing energy efficient product providers in New Zealand. Whilst many companies offer energy efficient products and services they only offer a small or restricted range - perhaps just insulation, or just Home ventilation services. In Weiss's view, these are not the "solutions" that consumers demand today and will increasingly demand tomorrow. Weiss has a broad range of products and services so it can truly offer energy efficient solutions across the whole of the customers home, factory or office. At Weiss it is our focus to continuously improve and increase the quality and value of our business, the work we perform and, as a result, our customers perception of the value they receive. It is essential for us to strive to exceed our customers expectations.