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FV120WH/SS - 150mm inline ducted extractor fan with boost system

Powerful and effective dual exhaust fan with ducting rapidly clears away mist that can cause mould and dampness, leaving your bathroom fresh and clear. Suitable for a bathroom up to 4m x 5m.

Product S-Doc

Data Sheet

Product Details

  • Stylish Design

  • Unique LED illuminated fascia

  • Dual operation fan motor

  • Three metres of 150mm diameter ducting included

  • Product designed to run with up to 10 metres of ducting fitted

  • Extended three year warranty

Product Specifications

  • Free Air Fan Performance: 420m3/hr / 117l/sec

  • Complete kit supplied

  • Attractive white or stainless finish

  • Two way switch with either white or stainless surround plate

  • Soffit outlet vent included

  • Barcode: 942000490263-5