ER08P - Ultra Intelligent (150mm) EC Extraction System

ER08P - Ultra Intelligent (150mm) EC Extraction System


We are proud to introduce New Zealand's first Weiss ER Series EC Bathroom extraction fan with built-in intelligent humidity control function.

Weiss ER series bathroom extraction fan has built-in intelligent, fully automatic humidity control function which is constantly monitoring your bathroom environment. This offers you mist-free mirrors, prevents mould, controls odour, and extends the life of your paint and bathroom fittings.

One model fits all. This extraction fan is programmed to cope with the vast majority of bathroom installations where both extra low and extra high air flows are required.

Constant Trickle Extraction is consuming extremely low power to continually improve the air quality of your bathroom.

Designed in New Zealand for the energy-smart and health conscious consumer.

Product Details

  • Easy to install

  • Built in controller with on demand extraction

  • 3 metres of 150mm ducting supplied

  • 150mm EC fan motor

  • Continuous trickle extraction

  • Allows moisture to be removed to the out-side of your home

  • All parts are included

  • 5 year extended warranty

Product Specifications

  • Power Supply: 230VAC

  • Power Consumption: max. 0.019~0.45A

  • Supply Line Fusing Max: 10A

  • Connection terminals screw clamp terminals

  • For solid wires 2 x 1.5mm2

  • Max product wattage 73Watts

  • Free air fan performance

  • 63~650m3/hr

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