FM2400 Recessed space heater 2400 watts

FM2400 Recessed space heater 2400 watts


The FM2400 is used to quickly heat homes, motels and classrooms.

Product Details

  • Attractive, slim design

  • Powerful, quiet tangential fan

  • Fits into existing cut out for Skope 981E

  • Optional run timer

  • Adjustable thermostat

  • Extended three-year warranty

  • Tested and approved to New Zealand standards

Product Specifications

  • Total product wattage: 2200-2400 watts

  • Supply: 230-240 VAC 50Hz

  • Touch pad electronic control interface with LCD display

  • Frost guard function

  • Thermal protected class B1 motor

  • Barcode: 9420004902475

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