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Why Kiwi homes are better with Weiss

At Weiss, we believe products designed in New Zealand by New Zealanders are better for New Zealand Homes. That’s why innovation is at the core of everything we do: we’re always looking for ways to make new products that perform better, that are smarter and that give our customers outstanding quality. And we’re always working hard to give you more than you expected.

Ultimately, Kiwi homes are better with Weiss.


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Better, Smarter, More Energy Efficient


Why choose Weiss?

The old proverb ‘you get what you pay for’ is certainly proven true with home ventilation, heating and extraction.

While it’s easy to choose and install a cheaper imported product, your electrician may be saving you a few dollars, but they aren’t doing you any favours. Such products have to perform day-in, day-out for years. They’re often only noticed when they’re not working.

That’s why Weiss provides our customers with exceptional products that do what they’re supposed to do, do it well, and do it for a long, long time – giving you peace-of-mind.

Because when you choose Weiss, you’re choosing to get your money’s worth.