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About Us


Better, Smarter, More Energy Efficient

When you’re sitting back, relaxing in your warm, well-ventilated home, safe from cold, dampness or mould, the last thing you may be thinking about are the products that keep your home that way.

That job is for Weiss. Because at Weiss, we specialise in designing and manufacturing the products that keep you warm, dry and safe. And we do it exceptionally well. Because we want to protect you, your family and your home from New Zealand’s weather extremes and damp conditions.


The Best Products for Kiwi Homes

From choosing the right product for your needs, to installation, customer service and performance and reliability, we strive to provide you with the solution.


Always Innovating

But what really motivates us is going one step further. For example, when we can fit a smart extractor fan into your bathroom that does the work for you, lasts for years and saves you hefty refurbishment bills in the future, we’re satisfied we’ve done our job.

From there, we’ll move on to the next smart thing, making your life easier and your home or business more energy efficient, safer and more comfortable.


Product Integrity and Testing

At Weiss, we’re constantly testing all our products and collecting data on performance. We never miss an opportunity to put a product in a testing situation.

And we’ll test a product everywhere, from Whangarei to Wanaka, to see how it copes with different New Zealand conditions. When we make a promise a product will do its job, we know it will – because it has been engineered for New Zealand’s demanding conditions and has been put through its paces, time and time again.