Why a Well-Ventilated Home is a Healthy Home


Are you living in a damp home?

It's constantly in the news, especially over winter - much of New Zealand's housing stock is damp. According to the NZ Herald, the Energy Efficient and Conservation Authority (energywise.govt.nz) states that "around 30 per cent of homes are damp and many houses in New Zealand have mould". Many homes have high moisture levels due to excessive moisture production and poor ventilation.

Sources of moisture

Moisture in homes is created in a number of ways, including showering and bathing, cooking, washing and drying clothes, and even sleeping and breathing. Interestingly, a family of four can produce 34 litres of moisture a day through these everyday tasks. Amazingly, four people breathing actively for 14 hours can produce around 11 litres of water a day or 0.2 litres an hour per person (University of Otago).

Signs your home is damp

  1. Musty smells

  2. Mould or watermarks on walls and ceilings

  3. Damp or mouldy clothes in wardrobes

Avoidable health issues

If your house is damp, with mould growth, you and your family is more likely to develop respiratory problems, allergies, eczema or asthma. Damp and mould can also affect your immune system. In the worst-case scenario, it can lead to persistent illness.

The importance of ventilation

Research shows that daily ventilation is essential to replace damp, stale air with fresh, dry air. Not only that, a ventilated home is healthier and easier to heat.

Reducing moisture levels in your home involves:

  1. Venting moisture at the source to outside

  2. Eliminating or reducing sources of moisture (e.g. don't dry clothes inside)

  3. Ensuring that air can circulate so that moisture is removed

Reduce moisture with a Weiss ER Eco Home Ventilation system

The Weiss ER Eco Home Ventilation system is designed to maintain the air quality in your home to keep your family healthy and happy. Weiss Intelligent Technology (WIT) works to ventilate your home, continuously suppling clean, fresh, dry air and protecting your home from condensation.

A drier home in just weeks

Once a Weiss system is installed, you should notice a dramatic reduction in condensation and mould build-up within just two to four weeks.

Installing a Weiss ER Eco system: what you need to know

With up to four outlets, Weiss home ventilation systems are suitable for houses that are up to 200m2. You will need access to the ceiling cavity for installation. The cavity height requirement is 600mm (24 inches). Better Security: you can lock your home, and it will still ventilate. If you're on holiday, you'll return to a home free of that musty, locked-up smell. For a warmer home, you can even use the system as a heat transfer system simply by adding a Weiss Heat Transfer Kit.


  1. A drier, warmer home

  2. No musty smell

  3. Reduced moisture and mould

  4. A healthier home

  5. Improved security

Don't spend another day in a damp house. Install a Weiss ER Eco Home Ventilation system in your home.

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