Weiss Launches World’s Smartest Extractor Fan


Weiss Launches World’s Smartest Extractor Fan

IMAGINE A BATHROOM EXTRACTOR FAN SO SMART it can detect the humidity in the air and start up automatically. Even better, it speeds up or slows down depending on humidity levels in the room.

Introducing the Intelli-Flow Intelligent Extraction System

The Intelli-Flow Intelligent Extraction System features a built-in intelligent, fully-automatic humidity control function that constantly monitors the bathroom environment to extract steam and moisture. This means you’ll always have mist-free mirrors. Plus, it removes unpleasant odours, extends the life of your paint and bathroom fittings and prevents mould, helping keep your bathroom drier, safer and healthier.

Winning the war on condensation

We all know steam and condensation are the enemy of all bathrooms, everywhere. But now, you can have a system that does the work for you by extracting automatically. No more relying on family members or tenants to leave the fan running to clear the steam, let alone turning the fan on in the first place.

Suitable for most bathroom applications

One model fits all. This extraction fan is programmed to cope with most bathroom installations, where both extra-low and extra-high airflows are required.

Constant Trickle Extraction means fresher air

The automatic Constant Trickle Extraction uses very little power, yet continually maintains superior air quality in your bathroom for a better bathroom experience.

Designed in New Zealand for Kiwi Families

The Intelli-Flow Extraction System was developed especially for energy-smart and health conscious Kiwis. If you’re installing or replacing an extractor fan in your bathroom, there is only one choice: The Intelli-Flow Intelligent Extraction System from Weiss.

Easy Installation in just 3 easy steps


Intelli-Flow features simple ‘plug in and go’ installation. With a power point fitted in your ceiling cavity, installation only requires the cutting of holes for inlet and outlet vents, the mounting of the fan unit and the connecting of the ducting to the vents.


You then power up the unit. The system will automatically calibrate and work out average humidity levels in your bathroom.  It will then continue to monitor and learn patterns and changes in your bathroom environment.


DO NOTHING! Intelli-Flow is fully automatic and will extract according to spikes in humidity generated by showering or bathing – leaving your bathroom, walls and mirrors clear of steam and moisture.

Want to find out more…?

To find out where you can purchase the amazing Intelli-Flow, just click here.

Steve Newman