Weiss 15 amp Rated Power extension leads


Weiss 15 amp Rated Power extension leads

When it comes to heavy duty extension leads there is no substitute for conductor size, the Weiss range are designed incorporating 2.5mm2 cores that are truly rated for heavy duty usage, and being rated at 15 amps can be used for most heavy industry applications.

The safest for the job

The EL series from Weiss offer significant reduction in voltage drop over long distances, are safer to run over longer duration and dissipate heat buildup in leads better than most.

Most suited for the job

The EL series come in a convenient 10, 20 and 30 meter lengths are visible in a bright red PVC sheath, include 15 amp rated plug and socket, and are ideally suited where higher than normal amps are being used, such as welding equipment or 3 phase plant machinery.

Fully compliant for the job

Fully compliant to AS/NZS the Weiss heavy duty extension lead range should be the 1st choice for safety and protection in factories, workshops, construction sites and farms. Making the decision even easier for the safety conscious buyer.

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Steve Newman