ER08P - Intelli-Flow Extraction System

ER08P - Intelli-Flow Extraction System


Weiss are proud to introduce Intelli-Flow, the World’s smartest bathroom extraction fan.

The Intelli-Flow Extraction System features built-in intelligent, fully-automatic humidity control that constantly monitors your bathroom environment to extract steam and moisture. This means mist-free mirrors, mould prevention, longer life for paint and fixtures and better control of unpleasant odours for a healthier, drier bathroom.

One model fits all. Intelli-Flow is programmed to cope with most bathroom installations, where both extra-low and extra-high airflows are required.

Constant Trickle Extraction is consuming extremely low power to continually improve the air quality of your bathroom.

Intelli-Flow was designed in New Zealand for the energy-smart and health conscious consumer.

Product Details

  • Easy to install

  • Built-in controller with on-demand extraction

  • 3 metres of 150mm ducting supplied

  • 150mm EC fan motor

  • Continuous trickle extraction

  • Allows moisture to be removed to the out-side of your home

  • All parts are included

  • 5-year extended warranty

Product Specifications

  • Power Supply: 230VAC

  • Power Consumption: max. 0.019~0.45A

  • Supply Line Fusing Max: 10A

  • Connection terminals screw clamp terminals

  • For solid wires 2 x 1.5mm2

  • Max product wattage 73Watts

  • Free air fan performance

  • 63~650m3/hr

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