FV130 - Shower Fan Unit

FV130 - Shower Fan Unit


Powerful and effective inline exhaust fan with ducting. Rapidly clears away mist and extracts moisture to the outside of your home.

Product Details

  • Stylish Design

  • Easy to install

  • Powerful and effective fan motor

  • 6 metres of 150mm ducting included

  • Product designed to run with up to 10 metres of ducting fitted

  • Extended 3-year warranty

Product Specifications

  • Quiet yet powerful operation

  • Motor: 230-240 VAC 50Hz 0.17 Amp (twin blade inline fan)

  • Motor insulation class: B1

  • Motor protection: thermally protected

  • Free air fan performance: 362m3/hr / 100.61/sec

  • Six metres of 150mm ducting

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